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Cars Dec 2, 2022

Derek was very helpful and made me comfortable about my options. I didn’t need too much convincing since I love Jeeps and I came to Boardwalk even though it was raining. I highly recommend Derek for your next purchase. He has great customer service, isn’t pushy and is great about making one feel welcome.

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Cars Jul 15, 2020

I took my daughter shopping for a inexpensive but safe car for her senior year of college. We had a great experience working with Derek, our salesman, and Franklin. Derek never made us feel so comfortable. He never pressured us to buy. He respected our fear during the COVID crisis. I visited the dealership many times before buying. Derek always responded to all of my questions I texted, even on his days off! Franklin helped to get the car in my budget and was professional and friendly. Shopping at Boardwalk was pleasant, comfortable, and efficient.

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Cars Apr 11, 2019

The guy named Salomon helped me so good I’m glad that I went with him he was a great help! I would like to go back

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